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Awaiting a Better Community



HOPE and


"we await: a better community for all" 
Photo Credit: ABC4All Mentor / PanAmbassador / Co-Founder, Local ABC4All / Ghana Billy Yasin (Ghana)

based on blogs by ABC4All Mentor JAMES MASAI PAUL. Named after great grand father n my grandfather. The street call me Jay my Hip-Hop Names are Hustlajay aka Methusuela n Swila ‘Mchiriza Sumu’

hiphop in africa kenyan coast slum life inspiration meditation n everyday hustles motivation draws a clear picture of how we living facing challenges as black people especially the opression by the so called system that cares not for the common man youths in Africa are walking hard days with joblessness...drugs..eg cock,...imagine with good papers n qualification after many years of education n no jobs depression befalls as only the rich n the ones with God father get better jobs with no qualification....this pain beyond imagination under the africas hot sun i am made to understand that system allows the supply of the drugs....realy amazing they take advantage on our votes ....as we perish in slums no future ahead of us.... we as youths should stand up fight for a better day......hiphop can work miracles to enlighten common man,,,,poverty as the worst enemy to n economy of our country eradication should take place peace love n unity......

Comment by Burton Danet:

A better word or phrase than "slum" to reference all living in such conditions:  "we await: a better community for all"

A word or phrase that would convey dignity and respect for anyone/everyone living in such conditions:  "we await: a better community for all"

A better word or  phrase that would support a better life and
HOPE for those living in such conditions:  "we await: a better community for all"


“African black son

Walking bare dusty footed under Africans Hot sun.

Black warrior fighter of common man’s rights, learning footsteps

Equality for all oppressed suffering innocent souls

Common man son field street marshal of peace love n’ unity. Justice N LIBERTY

Eradication of black Impunity

Who’s thirsty can only be quenched by a calabash full of better day waters’’